Static code analysis

Static code analysis is a method for identifying bugs and other quality issues in the program by examining the source code without actually running it. This is achieved by scanning the codebase and tracing code paths to find common code smells, potential bugs, tech debt (e.g., duplicate code), unit test coverage, and code logic complexity. Static code analysis can be done manually but there are many static code analyzer tools to automate this. We’ll look at one of these tools, SonarQube, and walk through the process of setting it up locally and adding a static code analysis step to the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) process for your projects.

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The coding interviews / coding challenges are designed to assess how productive someone can be with the language. In contrast to the algorithm whiteboarding interview, which assesses how the candidate go about solving a problem, or the architecture design interview, which assesses how the candidate’s experience in system engineering and product design, the coding interview is is utilized by the company interviewing you to answer one question:

Can you be productive with JavaScript?

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Linked list is like an array but more flexible. Elements in an array are stored contiguously in memory while linked lists are stored as nodes with two fields: current value and a pointer to the next thing in the list. We are going to implement linked list in JavaScript and go over some algorithms with the linked list.

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Being great at coding interviews doesn’t necessarily make you a great developer and being a great developer doesn’t necessarily make you great at interviews. However, you need to pass the interview to get the job. Most tech companies, public or startups, have started drawing from the same pool of interview material, adopted the same set of coding challenges and problems for candidates to solve. Coding interviews can be challenging and stressful, but with enough practice, research, and preparation, it can be very manageable.

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