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Go is becoming pretty mainstream. Every job posting I’ve seen recently requires Go as a want-to-have or a need-to-have skill. This post serves as a guide to help you hit the ground running with Go.

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by Xiaoyun Yang and Clyde Shaffer

I love indoor plants but I’m bad a keeping them alive. I once had a cactus that died from thirst. I purchased a few Aqua Bulbs, which has been great help in keeping the big plant watered enough for me to get around to taking care of it. However, I can’t use the Aqua Bulb on my smaller plant. Also, Aqua Bulbs break easily and refilling it with water is always a hassle. This motivated me to build an automated plant waterer. Let’s call it ThirstyPlant.

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I joined the US Navy after graduating from college. The service commitment is 5 years. At the end of my service commitment during my terminal leave, I obtained a position with a mature startup in NYC as a Senior Software Engineer. There were a lot of bumps in the road during the last five years, especially the last 3 weeks of my transition out of the Navy. I will share the story of how I prepared for my career transition and shed some light on how job search works today.

My KeyValues filter My KeyValues filter

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The coding interviews / coding challenges are designed to assess how productive someone can be with the language. In contrast to the algorithm whiteboarding interview, which assesses how the candidate go about solving a problem, or the architecture design interview, which assesses how the candidate’s experience in system engineering and product design, the coding interview is is utilized by the company interviewing you to answer one question:

Can you be productive with JavaScript?

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This a comprehensive guide for how to containerize your Mongo-Express-React-Node (MERN) app with Docker and deploy it to Amazon Web Service (AWS) Elastic Container Service (ECS). I will share my research and lessons learned deploying a MERN app, including what worked, what didn’t work, how I prepared the app for deployment and accomplished the deployment.

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